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Bacterial Vaginosis – A Sneek Peek

Bacterial vaginosis is a condition which can affect a woman in any age group. It is more common in the age group of 14 to 44 years. It is quite … Continue reading

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Why Track Your Ovulation?

Women in the modern times have to manage the work and domestic front simultaneously. The deadline stress at the workplace or at the domestic front may expose them to continuous … Continue reading

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Do You Suffer from General Debility or a Sexual Disorder

Men worldwide are known to suffer from any form of sexual disorder during their lifetime. An estimate states that about 152 million men are affected due to one or the … Continue reading

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A Succint study on Transmission of STDs or STIs

The STDs are also commonly referred to as STIs. The sexually transmitted diseases or the infections are caused when a healthy and normal person gets sexually involved with an infected … Continue reading

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STD – Precautions that Help Women Stay Safe

Most cases of STDs are passed on without the knowledge of either partner or, one or both the partners not taking precautions during sex. STDs can be termed as silent … Continue reading

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Viagra – The Assumed Wonder Drug

The drug Viagra was effective in overcoming cardiac arrest symptoms. It was by accident that its potential as a temporary treatment for the Erectile Dysfunction cases was uncovered. It worked … Continue reading

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Is Daily Sex Necessary for Conception

Couples aiming to conceive sometimes assume that having sex daily is a necessary thing. While too few sexual encounters may be inadequate for a successful conception, there is no necessity … Continue reading

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