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Menstrual Cramps and Three Simple Home Remedies

Moderate to heavy cramps during menstruation is a common disorder affecting girls and women alike. Although this disorder does not cause any complications, it is an indication that the uterus … Continue reading

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Conventional Vs Herbal Medicines for STDs

Many of the antibiotics prescribed to treat the STDs cause severe to mild forms of side effects in the patients who consume it. Sometimes, your body may be allergic to … Continue reading

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Is Ayurveda an Answer to The Syphilis

In the terms of Ayurveda, a sexually transmitted disease like the Syphilis is called as the Upadamsha. The Ayurveda consists of elaborate content on the ways by which this disease … Continue reading

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Three Simple Home Remedies for Treating Fibroids

The fibroids or tumours found in and around the uterus are a common cause of infertility related concerns in the women after 30. This condition is prominently observed in the … Continue reading

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Dealing with Painful Intercourse Naturally

Painful intercourse in women is generally called as the Dyspareunia. It is a common condition which affects women of all ages. When a woman experiences pain during the sexual intercourse, … Continue reading

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Three Simple Home Remedies to Combat PCOS

PCOS or the Poly Cystic Ovary Syndrome is a common disorder in the women. The modern woman juggles work and domestic work on her shoulders quite efficiently. But, all this … Continue reading

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Three Simple Home Remedies for Pelvic Inflammatory Disease

A pelvic Inflammatory Disease or the PID is a condition where a bacteria enters the reproductive channel in a woman. The bacteria interfere with the functioning of the reproductive organs … Continue reading

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