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Ayurveda to Address Issues of Male and Female Infertility

Infertility in men and women are attributed to a variety of factors, both physical and psychological. In men, the sperm quality, mobility and production play an important role in determining the fertility. In women, there are many issues like the irregular/missed ovulation, uterine incapability, cervical issues, hormonal and reproductive organ issues that cause infertility.

Ovarian issues, no production of eggs, maturation arrest are other factors which cause infertility in women. With so many factors coming to play, it is difficult for modern science to diagnose and treat the root cause of the problem. But modern conventional mode of treating infertility is, to resort to IVF and find a method to conceive. These techniques do more harm than good to the women and the infants thus conceived. A study observed that infants born of ART/IVF methods are prone to congenital birth defects, autism, abnormalities in the important organs like the heart, kidney, etc., because the defects in organs of the parents are not rectified.

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