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Painful Intercourse

It is often termed as Dyspareunia that is mostly reported by women. It also occurs in men. Similar to other sexual related issues like erectile dysfunction or lacking in sexual desire, undue stress could be placed by painful sex on the relationship or person. Hence, it is necessary to understand that such sexual issues are not uncommon. There are many, at some point of time in active sexual lives, may experience such issues in any form. Psychological aspects like negative emotions and experiences concerning sexuality and sex may result in painful sex and interfere with sexual arousal.

Deep pain could be felt by women in their upper vagina. The vaginal entrance may experience superficial pain. Having the pain source determined or availing treatment via therapy or counseling can help bring immense relief. The physician needs to be visited if pain is experienced during sex. If required, referral is to be sought to consult a good behavioral specialist or sex therapist. Simply suffering in silence is not the solution.

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