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Azoospermia Combined with Maturation Arrest – Is Micro Tese and ICSI the only Option?

What-is-Azoospermia-2Azoospermia is identified as the lack of motile sperms in the semen. Maturation arrest implies that the sperms are not able to mature enough to be counted as a motile sperm. Read more on : There are five stages of sperm production and maturation namely, Spermatogonium, Primary Spermatocyte, Secondary spermatocyte, Spermatids, spermatozoa/matured sperms. The maturation may be blocked due to the hindrance at any stage of sperm production. If the sperms production is hindered at the second stage(Primary Spermatocyte), it is called early maturation arrest. If the sperm maturation is arrested, it is termed late maturation arrest. In either case, azoospermia is detected. Depending on the stage of sperm development getting affected, the sperm count variation differs. In general, overall hypo-spermatogenesis is observed along with elevated FSH levels(in the case of early maturation arrest)



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