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Natural remedies to last longer in bed and extend your sex time

natural remedies for long sex time -khokar speciality clinic“What should I do to last long in bed” is frequently asked question on our site. As we have no knowledge about, perception of the person, who measures time to last in bed, it is difficult for us to determine, if they suffer from premature ejaculation

If you measure time according to what is shown in porn, you will be surprised to know that men, on an average, take 5 to 10 minutes during intercourse. If you consider the whole scenario from, seduction point of view, to conclusion of intercourse, it may be around 30 minutes. Listed below are 11 things to watch out for, as many factors lower your sex drive. On the other hand, if you conclude your intercourse within 3 minutes, you should seek medical help.

Add Fruit and Veggy Diet : Studies prove that vegetarians perform better in bed and last longer when compared to non-vegetarians. This is a result of enhanced stamina, because of fruit and vegetable nutrients. Make a note to include fruits with high potassium content. Few nutrients that are helpful are listed under.

Banana consumed before sex, will enhance your performance, as it is rich in potassium. Also, it has surplus amounts of glucose.
Amla or Indian gooseberry juice, is a rich source of, Zinc and Iron, and helps improve sperm quality, besides enhancing your performance.
Last longer by devouring strawberries prior to intercourse. It provides, glucose and zinc, both of which are performance enhancers.

It is good to stop consumption of processed sugar. Sugar is famed to give you a sugar rush, which will be followed by sugar slump, thereby lowering your stamina.

Quit smoking : If quitting is difficult, try cutting it down. It is important to restrain from smoking, as they tend to harden arteries, and interfere with blood flow to penis. Healthy erection is a result of perfectly working heart and blood vessels. He adds that, Erectile dysfunction is more pronounced in smokers as compared to non-smokers.

Cut down that alcohol : Alcohol does not let you enjoy, sexual pleasures as it pulls you out of control.

Strengthen your abdominal and arm muscles : Good sexual positions need a man to give work to his hands and feet, requiring them to be strong at core. Work on your abs, triceps, biceps at a gym, try weight training under a trainer. Exercising promotes blood flow in general, penis included. This helps you last longer in bed.

Kegels and Pelvic exercises : These exercises help you gain bladder control and maintain longer erections. This exercise needs you to imagine urination and, try and stop urinating and release after few seconds. The process of squeeze stop and release, should be repeated ten times while hold should also last for 10 seconds.

Edging or Biofeedback : When you feel like you will end your intercourse, cease all activities stimulating sexual desire, try and distract yourself. This technique helps in exercising control and lengthen sex time.

Squeeze method : If you feel you are reaching an orgasm, it means that blood is rushing to penis. Reducing it a little, will prolong bed time. This can be achieved by squeezing right beneath penis head.

Focus on partner : Focusing on letting her reach an orgasm by motivating her through finger or mouth, will help you get rid of stress and maintain longer erection.

Balance that sleep : University of Chicago has observed in a research, that men who sleep for less than 5 hours, reported lower testosterone levels. To enhance sexual performance, try and get at least 7 to 8 hours of sleep.

Go the Yoga Way : Few asanas in Yoga (paschimotasana, bhujangasana) help boost blood circulation to genital areas, which help you last longer in bed.

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