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Is Absent Sexual Desire a Sign of Serious Disorder in Women?

It is common for women to lose interest in sex after few years into the marriage. The duration after which this loss of interest begins may vary. The desire to … Continue reading

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Male Hormonal Imbalance – Is it Linked to Low Sex Drive

The modern man is a witness to evolving role patterns for men and women. The constant pressure to multitask different roles and tasks has taken a toll on the metropolitan … Continue reading

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Swim Your Way to Good Health

Sexual well being is a mix of the mental and physical health of a person. A depressed or anxious person is poor at sexual performance or endurance. This is a … Continue reading

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Why is it Good to Abstain from Sex, When Pregnant?

Although sexual encounters during pregnancy are a common thing, many times, a couple is advised to abstain from sex during the pregnancy to avoid complications to the fetus or the … Continue reading

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Home Remedies for STD from the Kitchen

The sexually transmitted diseases are caused when the immune system of a person is compromised. A natural way to overcome these infections is to consume foods which boost the immune … Continue reading

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What to Expect when Consulting a Sex Specialist?

The decision to seek help from a sex specialist is a crucial one. This is useful when the couple or an individual understands the symptoms right and seek help before … Continue reading

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The Parasitic and Viral STIs – Know Your Facts

Every year, more than 20 million cases of STI infection are reported in the U.S. While the infection triggered due to bacteria entering the system is a common concern some … Continue reading

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