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Male Infertility – Is ART the Last Resort

Male infertility is a common problem faced by the modern couples. When the man is unable to produce a progeny after indulging in unprotected sex since a year with a … Continue reading

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Genital Herpes – A Sneek Peek

Herpes infection is transmitted by the entry of simplex virus strands of type 1 and 2. It spreads via contact requiring one to practice safety measures when living with an … Continue reading

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Do Venereal diseases Respond to Alternate Treatments

Venereal diseases are known to impact negatively on the immune system of a person. These are also known to cause a secondary infection like the PID. Venereal diseases are caused … Continue reading

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Aloe Vera The Wonder Herb for Sexual Wellness

Aloe vera plant is named as kumari in the Ayurveda as it helps women wade through numerous age and menstruation related problems. It is also noted to encourage the semen … Continue reading

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Some Overlooked Reasons Causing You to Lose Interest in Sex

Loss of interest in sex in men is not an uncommon issue. It is commonly found in men after 60 and sometimes in younger men who have been through physical … Continue reading

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Find Your Cause for Lowered Libido

Libido is a generic term used to refer to sex drive in men and women. It is a misconception that men never face issues concerned with libido. While the female … Continue reading

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Three Simple Home Remedies against Trichomoniasis

Trichomoniasis is an STI caused due to an entry of the protozoan parasite namely the Trichomonas Vaginalis. This condition is prominently observed in women. It can be transmitted to any … Continue reading

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