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Dosha Approach to Treat Genital Herpes

  The Ayurveda mentions three energetic forces named Doshas governing the functioning of the body. The Vata controls the ears, skin, bones intestines and lumbar region. Pitta governs the functioning of the … Continue reading

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Fighting Female Infertility with Home Remedies

Female infertility can be caused due to various reasons. An infection of the reproductive organs, STDs, hormonal imbalance and other physical, emotional or psychological factors may cause infertility symptoms in … Continue reading

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Treating Infertility in Ayurveda

Ayurveda is an extensive study of the usage of herbs and potent minerals to cleanse, rejuvenate and revitalise the body organs and hence improve the functioning. Click here to get … Continue reading

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Alappuzha – Backwater Tourist Destination in Kerala -India

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Fighting Loss of Libido with Natural Foods

Lowered libido is a growing concern of the modern times. The metropolitan man is constantly under pressure to multitask at work place and at home. This constant exposure to stress and … Continue reading

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Are Impotence, Loss of Libido and Sexual Weakness Interrelated

Yes, most of the male sexual debility conditions are interrelated and are often an indication of a serious underlying problem. The male libido is dependent on factors like mental health, lifestyle, diet and emotional well-being. Click here … Continue reading

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Herbal Remedies for treating Semen Leakage and PE Caused by Over Masturbation

  Masturbation is a common habit in men and young boys. Over-indulgence in this act may lead to sexual debility and ejaculation related disorders like the PE or semen leakage. A person with PE or … Continue reading

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