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Fibroids – Know Your symptoms

The Fibroids are a type of tumors composed of muscle cells and connective tissues in the uterus. An estimate observes that about 20 to 50% of the women belonging to … Continue reading

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Know What Your Menstrual Cramps Mean

Menstrual cramps are an integral part of the modern woman, who is constantly on the move. Cramps or no cramps, she is determined to work through the pain and lead … Continue reading

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What are the types of sexual dysfunctions affecting men?

Sexual dysfunction in men is referred to as a condition which affects his erection, his capacity to ejaculate normally and/or loss of interest in sex. There are many disorders which … Continue reading

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Trichomoniasis – What to Expec

Of the many sexual infections which spread upon sexual contact, the Trichomoniasis is the most common one. The disease is known to affect male and female but is more common … Continue reading

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Genital Herpes – An Ayurvedic Approach

The genital herpes is caused by the virus strains of the HSV2, while the HSV1 is known to cause oral herpes. A modern approach to curing this disease requires one … Continue reading

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Trying to Conceive – Time Your Efforts for Fertility Window

Fertility of a woman follows a pattern. She is most fertile when nearing ovulation or on the day of the ovulation. This duration for which she is fertile can also … Continue reading

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The Right Method to Lose Weight

Weight loss programs are the most popularly searched keywords on the search engines. It is also a profitable business for all the institutes which promise quick weight loss. The consequence … Continue reading

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